Introducing! The Closest Thing That You Could Ever Get To Marci's Million Dollar Mentorship... For Those Who Are Really Truly Seeking Their Freedom, Their Remembrance And Their Wholeness... At A Fraction Of The Price:
"Journey To Remembrance"
A Five Day Experience To Remember Who You Truly Are
Attendees Walked-In Curious & Open... and Walked-Out A Completly Different Being After Just 5 Days...
Which Of These Breakthroughs Experienced By Previous Attendees Will Be Most Valuable To You?
  •  Feeling so clear and confident about who you are and why you're here.
  •  Calling in a "next level relationship".
  •  Easily attracting the best of the best of what you desire.
  •  Loving how fucking amazing you feel.
  •  Truly do feeling like you accomplished 20+ years of personal growth in just 1 week.
  •  Complete self acceptance for the first time.
Imagine If You Had A “Journey” That Could Lead You Towards Your Complete Wholeness and Greatest Life?
Full of joy, curiosity, excitement, bliss, creativity and wonderment for the world.

Living in your fullest expression.

Well, that exists within you.

It's how you were born into this world, perfect whole and complete.

The challenge is, as you've got through life... you may have forgotten this core truth about you.

You may have taken on some layers and stories that cloud the perception of your divine nature. 

You may have forgotten the truth of who you really are (we all do).

And deep down, you may feel that there's a disconnect from:
  •  Your highest true self
  •  Your own expression
  •  Your own voice
  •  Your vision, and 
  •  Your discovery of the infinite possibilities of the world. 
And you may have a little voice in the back of your mind that constantly whispers "you can EXPERIENCE more..."
The Journey To Remembrance Is About Connecting To Your Highest True Self
Coming into direct contact with your innate wholeness that has always been in the core. 

Peeling back and dissolving of what stands in the way of your highest truest self.

It's an unlearning, a deprogramming to come back to your core essence, to your divinity and to the knowing of who you truly are...

That you are perfect, whole and complete.

This is what happened with all of the beautiful souls who have attended this experience. They have all jumped to another octave of their embodied expression, and...
This Is Why Multiple Attendees Felt Like They Accomplished 10 - 20+ Years Of Personal Growth... In Just 1 Week
Yes, you read that right.

Multiple attendees felt like they accomplished 10+ years of personal growth... in just week.

And for Candys, it actually felt like 20+ years (in her own words).

How would this impact YOUR life?
  •  Processing and transforming deep wounds from your childhood?
  •  Experiencing a complete rebirth and detachment from your false/un-natural identities?
  •  Feeling completely whole?
  •  Being so incredibly in love with yourself?
  •  Being so present in the moment and with a renewed inner strength and inner peace you've never experienced before?
Wouldn't that be nice!?

This is what's possible when you strip away the layers and stories that have been accumulated over time.

And that was Candys experience from Journey To Remberence.

Or Ben who said that: 
"The Most Impactful, Transformative Experience That I've Ever Done With Every Detail At The Highest Calibre."
Imagine your life once you...
  •   "Fully accept yourself"
  •   "Fully trust yourself"
  •   "Fully love yourself"
  •  "Knowing that whatever you choose to create, if it's in alignment and my energy is good, that you can make it happen... and you've never had that before?"
 "An Integration Of Everything I've Studied In The Last 10 Years Coming Into Alignment & Into A New Way Of Living" 
As you can see, this experience was the catalyst for Ben and other attendees to:
  •   Stop "learning" (with more information, more books, more courses) 
and instead...
  •   Start "living" (their best, highest and truest self).
This is what has shifted the previous attendees more than ANYTHING ELSE and FASTER than anything else.

Here's how we get such incredible results for our attendees. And...
Why This Unique 5-Day Experience Is Unlike Anything Else...
As you can see by the results, this is beyond a typical event or retreat. 

It's an experience unlike anything else.

Here's just 5 of unique elements that create such profound results:
1) Sacred Sacrament To Be The Best Natural Teacher To Effortlessly Strip The Layers Away
From years of doing work years of work with sacred sacraments and earth elements, the right ones, done in the right environment, they create the most transformation and the greatest stripping away of those layers.

This is like 20 years of surface level empowerment and therapy.

As you ingest them, it begins to open your higher perceptive capacities, and it begins to actually turn up the volume on your nervous system so that you can feel and sense with greater acuity, the content that's present in your system and that's creating static and/or creating too high of a charge in certain areas that is not allowing you to actually have a sense of contact with all of yourself. 

So there becomes these rigid frozen aspects, and it begins to soften, and loosen, and open the system, and turns up the current and voltage running through the nervous system so that you can accelerate the natural process of transformation. Because all healing is simply just a resolution into our natural state of wholeness, this accelerates that natural process, combined with the field that we're holding for you, and the very clear intention to create that deeper experience or resolution in contact with your essential nature.

Within that, it evokes more higher state of emotional content so that again you can feel everything more strongly. Inviting in whatever that bound energy is that hasn't been fully felt, you can move in and through them. Sometimes in a matter of minutes, at the very most hours, you can actually move through what many people might be in therapy for 20+ years working on an aspect.
2) Highly Experienced Mentors To Work Through ANYTHING That Comes Up
Amber has been working in this particular way of working for at least a decade, and really became awakened to her unique gifts at seven years old.

Marci has been on the deep dive internal journey for 20+ years and travelled all over the world, working with sacraments, DNA activation and cellular cleansing.

Started from the very human behaviours to the deep multidimensional layers. 
Together, They Are The Ultimate Dream Team.
The life that Amber and Marci have lived has uniquely prepared them to be in the position where they can hold anyone no matter what they need to experience and go through and they say that:
"There's nowhere we can't go. There's nowhere we are unwilling or incapable of going and experiencing with our attendees." 
In holding that space of embodying wholeness so entirely, it's holding that reference point so strong that their system can find it and then can find whatever needs to unravel to plug into that wholeness.
3) Experiential Learning That Is Far Greater Than Any Other Way Of Learning
Imagine you would love to swim in the water yet you're scared to swim.

You're thinking:
"I'd love to just be at peace with the water, I'd love to feel safe in the water and know how to explore the water, and yet I'm scared to swim."
If you're afraid to swim, you can talk to a coach or a therapist and you can talk about all the reasons why you're afraid of the water. 

You can look at the traumatic experiences you may have had when you were a child around the water, you can do all sorts of mental things, you can study and you can read books. 

You can do all this. 

Yet, you're never going to be a swimmer until you're in the water and start swimming.

That's why we are so passionate about experiential training we provide at Journey To Remembrance and why our attendees get such incredible results.

This immersion softens the layers and allows you to process what needs to be processed... while being held in the comfort and the safety of highly qualified beings committed to wholeness and remembrance to move you through it.

So when you leave, you are a completely different being experiencing a completely different way of reality.
4) Activating Your Bliss, Sensual & Luxury Codes through The Journey To Remembrance
The alchemized space we created for this journey gives you a reference point of how to live and operate in bliss and luxury that then you too can experience everything effortlessly coming. Experiencing life as so blissful, in flow, in peace and ease, and then getting to integrate that way of being into your life.

Allowing you the space to fully express and experience the depth of the journey to the fullest.
The options are infinite with the most beautiful safe location for you to fully enjoy the experience. 
5) Integration Into Every Cell Of Your Body To Come Into Full Embodiment As A New Way Of Living
We don't want this to be a nice week away, where you feel great, and then as soon as you're back in your familiar environment, you're back to your "old self".


This is a new reference point fo LIVING.

In holding that space of embodying wholeness so entirely, it's holding that reference point so strong that your system can find it and then can find whatever needs to unravel to plug into that wholeness.

You experience whatever your system requires to ensure that you integrate it into your life.

It's important to note that for some people, they may have an experience of touching the truest, realest, deepest part of ourselves, and when we touch it, we know it. It's like, "Oh, this is who I am." 

Then... they tend to get pulled back into the identity patterns that have been established, and it's difficult to sustain it. 

That's not an abiding awareness. It's not yet embodied. 

So much of this work is actually about coming into full embodiment. 

It's about making sure that it's more than a concept, an idea or something you're striving for. That it's a journey to arrive into and to click so deeply into your nervous system.

The reference point of what it feels like to be embodying and experiencing the wholeness of all that you are. 

We support that deep integration so that when you leave here it's awakened  into your DNA, you know how to integrate it into your life and embody it into your way of living. 
Would You Rather 10-20+ Years of "Personal Development"? OR... One Week At Journey To Remembrance? 
Previous attendees have been life long students in the self help, healing and personal development world. 

Consciously on a path to discovering their best self, engaging in some, most or all of the following:
  •  Attending multiple courses and workshops.
  •  Reading lots of books.
  •  Meditation and mantras.
  •  Visualisations and affirmations.
  •  Sound healing and energy work.
  •  Yoga classes or breath work classes.
  •  Doing more course, and
  •  Reading more books.
You've tried some, most of all of the above?

Oh, you lovely human being.

There's so many pathways to the top of the mountain. We're not saying that those are not helpful, we continue to utilise all the tools and all the gifts.

They are all helpful in the ways that they assist on our journey.

And, they have helped you to achiever where you're at, and there's still more to get to where you desire. 

I'd have you consider the following:
What's Missing Is Not To Add Something, 
It's To Actually Eliminate.
To eliminate the layers, stories, beliefs, pattens and conditions that have kept you where you are.

As you've seen, people have made 10 - 20+ year shifts in just one week at The Journey To Remembrance. 

And one of the big reasons why it's possible is because of who's taking you through this journey:
Introducing The Ultimate Dream Team To Facilitate This Journey
About Marci Lock

Marci Lock is a sought-after mentor and change agent to global influencers, worldwide game-changing business owners, and high producing leaders in living an epic life in all aspects. Her specialty and genius is seeing the unseen and how to uncover the hidden programming, belief systems and false limits keeping you from living your life of awesomeness, bliss, and infinite possibility as your daily norm.

Marci shares these truths and the integration of them through her online coaching products and programs (including the Freedom Activators, Illuminations Series, the LockLast Journey to Freedom, and the LockLast Align to Greatness), corporate programs, masterminds, personal coaching, and her hands-on experiential events and Ascension Adventures retreats, and divine imprinting codes through the Frequency Alliance, as well as through her appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements, books and TV. She radiates love and light as she boldly stands a catalyst for PROSPERITY, fun, EASE, remembrance, and AWESOMENESS to all those who are open to her TRUTHS.

Marci is, without a doubt, a TRANSFORMATIONAL GENIUS!
About Amber Hartnell

Amber Hartnell is an intrepid pioneer of Love, devoted mother, dance alchemist and embodied wisdom transmitter who is wholly committed to riding the unfurling crest of personal and collective evolution. Having cultivated and forged her inborn gifts through very intense Life experiences, she offers clear pathways to effectively transform challenging experiences into empowering ones that fuel growth.

She derives profound pleasure serving as a guide back home to Essence - embracing and dissolving fear and resistance to access the inherent wisdom readily available when one relaxes into the core, thus allowing the intrinsically intelligent flow of Love to re-in-form Life.

Amber’s depth of presence generates a palpably coherent field of all embracing Love and effortless grace that irresistibly invites those she comes in contact with to experience their Essential nature. She lives and breathes in pure service to revealing the Wholeness and Beauty at the heart of all she touches, for the benefit of all Life - truly as an embodied example of just how ecstatic and pleasurable evolution and growth 

Both Marci and Amber have years of experience and deep understanding of sacraments and facilitating breakthrough and transformation work.
How The Sacred Sacraments Guide You To Complete Wholeness Of Your Truest & Highest Self
As we are moving through our life, and we have developed these habituated patterned behaviours and responses to life that continue to repeat, because there's something underneath it. 

There's an experience or experiences that were had in life that were traumatic in some way, and sometimes even (subtly) traumatic. 

With these experiences, if we're not able or willing to fully feel all of the emotional content and the sensations that are present in it, then we pull away and it freezes inside of us. It becomes this crystallised pattern that then begins to repeat throughout our lives.

The sacraments that we utilise help to soften those habituated responses enough and to allow the human perspective, the ego to also soften enough that we can get underneath those patterns. Then begin to contact whatever the content is that is unresolved in the system that are just fragments seeking their way back towards wholeness and resolution. 

They support with that loosening of our everyday awareness and begin to expand our perception and open our higher perceptive centre, so that we can actually see, feel and hear whatever is ready to become integrated and then come forward in our awareness.

In this video, Marci & Amber explain more about the impact the sacred sacraments have:
We Created This Space For You To Feel Completely Safe... Allowing You To Fully Surrender And Allow

The sacrament assists with the softening to be able to witness, to be fully held and guided through the healing process to take place.

Marci has done retreats all around the world and will only take people to the most sacred places around the world, and where it's completely secure and safe, and we're only working with the highest level of everything. 

And this has opened and expanded her heart so much because it's one of the most beautiful divine spaces that could ever be created.

Partaking this type of sacrament is what Marci would do with her million dollar clients. Then to have her hold that space to hold them and give them full presence as to whatever it was seeking. 

That's the level of support and impact that this journey could have on you too.
Does This Require Digging Through The Muck & Hard Work?
We like to work in a way that is inherently gentle and respectful of all parts of you.

We're not barreling through, going digging in the muck. 

It's actually creating a space where we come into contact with our wholeness, and to feel that causeless joy beginning to bubble up from within and beginning to spread out through our system, which then begins to reveal whatever is standing in the way of that experience. 

Then there's a way where we hold those aspects and allow them to unravel, so that resolution can be found.
The Journey To Remembrance

A Five Day Experience To Remember Who You Truly Are
This experience is created specifically for a very small group of people, so we keep it very intimate a maximum of 10 people to honor what feels true for us to hold in a high vibrational experience and container.

In this container that we create for your Journey To Remembrance.

Every single person gets complete presence to whatever their soul is seeking.

With this small group, as things arise in each person, Amber and Marci are available to support and guide you.

As whatever your soul calls forth and comes up, Marci and Amber are both there available and holding the space and field to be in complete presence for that healing. 

This is why Marci says: "It's literally like getting what I would give my VIP million-dollar clients, and giving them full presence to move through whatever they required."

In this group dynamic, over the 5 day experience, each person has their experience and then getting to receive their essence the codes and the remembrance of their true self.
Sounds Amazing! What's The Details?
  •  What: A 5 day total experience of 3 days of sacrament with Marci & Amber and 2 days of rest and integration in between. 
  •  When: April 2020.
  • How to join: We believe in everything being a perfect fit, the first step is to apply and have a conversion with the Marci Lock Team.
If you feel a calling to lean into this, click on the button below to apply for your spot.
Watch This Video For More Details On The Journey 
Graduates from previous JTR
Graduates from previous JTR
What Do Others Have To Say About The Journey To Remembrance?
If You Feel A Calling, Feel Free To Apply Below...
  •  What: A 5 day total experience of 3 days of sacrament with Marci & Amber and 2 days of rest and integration in between. 
  •  When: April 2020.
  •  How to join: We believe in everything being a perfect fit, the first step is to apply and have a conversion with the Marci Lock Team.
If you feel a calling to lean into this, click on the button below to apply for your spot.
Graduates from previous JTR
Graduates from previous JTR